More on Patch 1.0.2

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The buzz around the new patch is gaining strength. A new HoP member FexFX Is reporting that the new release of Pirates is out and already includes Patch 1.0.2. I have not been able to confirm this myself but please help us discuss it in the thread posted by FexFX to help the cynics dispel this rumor or to help confirm that this member speaks the truth.
The current thread is called I Have 1.0.2 Mateys!. Please check it out and decide for yourself.

***update Screenies are attached to see for yourself*** Looks like a good sign folks Take 2 is in the copyright and also 1.0.2 is in lower right. See for yourself. Good Job FexFX

31 Jul 2005 by PiratesFan

Patch 1.0.2 due out in two weeks

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Although I hesitate to call this official, it does seem the buzz around the new patch is gaining strength. HoP regular Bakas received a reply from Firaxis when he inquired after the status of the patch. The answer was short, but sweet:

"Patch 1.0.2 will be released within the next two weeks once testing is
complete with Take 2. =)"

Bakas started a new thread on the patch where the validity of this reply is being discussed. Decide for yourself to believe it, or plank it. :)

26 Jul 2005 by Falconer

Headrock's Ship of the Line FAQ

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It's spent a long time in the editing room (apologies for that), but it is now finally here!

Headrock has written a definitive guide to Ships of the Line in Pirates! and how to capture them. Some of you may already have read an earlier version of the guide, but it's now been updated with the latest information that Headrock has gathered from his long travels and it is better than ever!

Check out the guide here and discuss it on our forums.

The guide is also furbished with the latest high-tech search box that will guide you to the sections that you are interested in!

25 Jul 2005 by Wolfwood

Sashanan's FAQ finds official home

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By now you may have come across Sashanan's excellent Pirates! Strategy Guide but you'll have read it as a text file that, because of the tremendous amount of information in it, can be hard to read.

We're therefore happy to announce that Sashanan's Strategy Guide has found a new home and has been formatted into something more accessible and pleasing to the eyes.

Check out the guide here and, if you haven't read it yet, be amazed with how much you didn't know about the game yet!


To make it even easier, we've added a search box so that you can quickly find in which sections a particular topic is being discussed.

22 Jul 2005 by Falconer

New designer diary

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Our friends over at Pirates Ahoy report a new Pirates! designer diary in which Sid mentions some tips for the aspiring pirate. A bit odd to have a designer diary when the game is already released if you ask me, but why the heck not. Here's a nugget:

Pick your starting skill wisely. Many first-time players choose obvious skills like fencing or gunnery, both of which can be extremely helpful when you're first learning the game. However, once you've pillaged and plundered or charmed and duelled your way to a more advanced level, you may want to choose skills like medicine, which can help you live longer, or navigation, which increases your fleet speed, so you can get rich faster by say...finding the buried treasure first or defeating the enemy ships and confiscating their booty...are you with me??

Check GamersHell for the full article.

19 Jul 2005 by admin

2000th HoP member registered!

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It's taken some time, but the 2000th member has finally arrived on our illustrious little island. After having been preceded by 1999 others, capstone was the one to set the milestone for our Pirates! community. He or she hasn't spoken much yet, lets hope that changes soon! If you're reading this capstone, contact me through the forum and we'll give you a nice and festive (virtual) welcoming present.

18 Jul 2005 by admin

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