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With almost no other releases to fight for the time of reviewers, Xbox Pirates! is hitting the Net fast. It's creating plenty of buzz. We'll take you through a couple of reviews.

GamesDomain loves the game and awards it a 9/10 saying:

No doubt about it: Sid Meier's Pirates! is a worth-the-wait addition to any Xbox owner's treasure chest. It's not the most glitzy-looking coin in the haul, but it's finely milled, expertly crafted, and has just enough hidden nicks to give it Old World character and a sense of adventure. It's addictive, and you will lose hours of your life. So for now, it's a pirate's life for us.

Gamespot is just as happy about it, scoring the game 8.6/10 telling us:

Unlike the PC version, the Xbox version does have some multiplayer in it as well, in the form of up to four-player ship battles that play a lot better than expected. Basically a fast-paced party game, multiplayer lets you and your friends each control a ship as you all battle it out (you can also let the CPU jump into any of the slots). There are only a small number of maps, but in general they're well designed and create the insane type of game in which you're trying to desperately maneuver around a tiny area while dodging cannon fire left and right. You can only play the head-to-head mode on a single Xbox, since the game is only Xbox Live-aware, so the online component is limited to only downloadable content and leaderboards.

1UP seems to agree with the above two reviews, adding an 8.5/10 to the tally, closing off with:

But these problems are easy to look past since the game has so much going at any given time. For a few weeks, Pirates! reached full-fledged addiction status for me, complete with numerous lost hours and mutterings of "just one more mission." A fine summer fling indeed.

12 Jul 2005 by admin

Pirates! for Xbox due out this week

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Just a reminder for those of you interested in the Xbox version of the game: it's due out this week. :)

It'll be interesting to find out how people will respond to the new game. Obviously the multiplayer aspect makes a big difference, but will that be enough to convince PC gamers who also own an Xbox to buy the console version? Personally I think most who bought the game are fans of the old versions too and these will already have made their purchase.

Then again, the PC version sold a lot better than I had expected too, so who knows. :)

11 Jul 2005 by admin

Official site back online

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Pirates! finally has an official web site back on the Internet. Take-Two Interactive Software the new producer has reproduced an official web site that is worthy of this wonderful game. Itís much like the old Pirates! web site. In fact it looks identical, but at least it looks good. Some of the news and links seem to be somewhat new. Thankfully the official site isnít just some old company site cobbled together without much thought given to itís appearance. Check out the Pirates! Official Web Site. It looks like the old site, just located on a new serverÖ

Go to the Pirates! Official Web SiteÖ

06 Jul 2005 by admin

K-Bob's Pirates! mods and tools find a new home

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We're pleased to announce that Hooked on Pirates is now the official home for K-Bob's Pirates! mods and modding tools.

Many of you who have been tinkering with mods for Pirates! may already have tried some of K-Bob's Daughter and/or Barmaid mods, quite a few of you probably use ModMgr to manage your mod collection and mod artists will likely have encountered K-Bob's ModMaker.

While all the above are mod fan must-have's, they were sometimes hard to come by With K-Bob's mods and mod tools being all over the Net. Now you won't have to Google 'm anymore as they can all be found right here on your favourite Pirates! fansite. :)

Check out K-Bob's very own K-Bob's Pirates! Modding pages!

03 Jul 2005 by admin

The Pirates of Pirates!

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Thanks to Keith at PiratesAhoy! for this bit. Team X-box has released an article of three historical pirates that appear in Sid Meier's Pirates! The short pieces study the history of these pirates and they are complemented by pictures of the said pirates as they appear in the game.

Check the article out here!.

24 Jun 2005 by Wolfwood

Pirates! Multiplayer Diary

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Well, at least someone is paying attention still. :) Visiting our friends over at PiratesAhoy I noticed they had word of a new developers diary that popped up over at Team Xbox and focusses on the multiplayer aspect for the (what else) Xbox version of Pirates! due out soon now. Here's a blurb:

When we first started thinking about bringing Pirates! to the Xbox, we spent a lot of time discussing the many benefits of the Xbox and how we could take advantage of them to really make something special. Since our team is made up of a lot of console gamers, almost immediately, the question of multiplayer came up. Since Pirates! is and has always been a single-player experience, we knew multiplayer had to be something outside the context of the main story mode of the game. From the beginning, Sid Meier's design for ship battles was accessible, responsive, and most of all, a lot of fun, so it quickly became apparent that it was a prime candidate for a special Xbox mode.

23 Jun 2005 by admin

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