Patch 1.0.2 (World)

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Ok after some huge debate it has been confirmed that there will be a new Patch releasing midsummer this year (July-August time would be my guess). A new webmaster for Firaxis has given us this information as stated below

Just as an FYI...

Having a new publisher (Take 2) has allowed Firaxis to facilitate continued devepment on Pirates!

Patch 1.0.2 (World patch, not just U.S.) will be ready by mid-summer. Thanks for all your patience during our transition from Atari to Take 2. It looks like clear sailing ahead (so to speak).

Discuss it with us in the thread called Patch 1.0.2 is on the way! .

17 Jun 2005 by PiratesFan

Pirates! Preview (Xbox)

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The peeps over at Games Domain slipped into their overall's, had a look under the hood of the upcoming Xbox version of Sid's Pirates! and wrote up their findings in what's arguably the best preview of the game we've seen so far.

Some of the Xbox version's many visual/interface overhauls make their debut in this bird's-eye, oceanic view. Firstly, the visuals for the various ports (names, national flags, etc.) have been visually "popped" to be easier on the eyes. Secondly, a dimmed-out strategic-scale oceanic map can be toggled as an overlay to see ships roam from port to port. It's a helpful way to track one's location in the greater Carribbean area when only a small portion of the ocean is immediately visible.

Check it out at Games Domain.

12 Jun 2005 by admin

New Pirates! Xbox shots & trailer

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With all the hype around the Xbox 360 (which looks pretty damn bland if you ask me) you'd almost forget that there are still games being developed for the current generation of Microsoft's console.

Right now we're all interested in Pirates! of course, and Gamespot has posted a new trailer along with seventeen new screenshots.

19 May 2005 by admin

Patch, Will it Happen? Q&A

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Well we all been wondering whether or not a patch will be coming. Well may not be a certain time when one will come out but it is an official answer from Barry Caudill from Firaxis. Along with this answer also came other answers that some of us were wondering.

1) Why the slow news on Pirates! for X-box? Are there snags with it and what is with the design of throwing in power ups while sailing around. Maybe I am a little old school with Pirates! just cause I thought the original was perfect except the dancing and sneaking are much more fun.
Barry: Pirates Xbox has been basically done for a while now, but the switch over to the new publisher was what made it seemingly go dark. The power-ups only appear in multiplayer ship battles and I think they add a great extra level of strategy and make it pretty fun.

2) After X-Box will there be a Pirates! made for the PS2 or even the PS3?
Barry: There are no official plans for Pirates on other consoles and/or expansion packs currently, but we are always looking for ways to expand our IP and we will definitely keep you posted if anything becomes finalized.

3) Are there any future plans of an expansion with maybe adding more of the original features back into the game that we miss. The treasure fleet or silver train being in a town when sacking making it harder cause the additional troops to guard it are there. Also I have seen great interest in an expansion pack to make this game a Multiplayer.
Barry: We tried a lot of things for MP in this version of Pirates and we came to the conclusion ship battles were the most fun and made the most sense. That's why we went for MP ship battles in the Xbox version.

4) Are there going to be any more patches to fix the Artificial Intelligence of the game and other bugs that seem to have been added with this patch 1.01. The main complaint from the community seems that the game isn't as random as it needs to be on who you attack for finding your family. Maybe expending the, for a lack of better words, "Bad Guy" list and make it more random.
Barry: We should be able to get back on the patch train (Both US and Europe) once the dust settles on this new deal.

5) Is there going to be a patch released for the non-US versions anytime soon. There seem to be quite a few players out there that have a non US version that would love the patch to fix some of those issues mentioned in this release of the patch.
Barry: For that too, the dust needs to settle.

Discuss it with us in our forums at Q&A with Firaxis Barry

05 May 2005 by PiratesFan

Screenshots of Xbox Pirates

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GamersHell has released a couple of new screenshots of the Xbox version of Pirates! One of them shows the recently publisized overlay map in action:

Looks quite nice, although, as an old seadog, I'd have liked to see the simplex navigation removed completely and have the game go back to the way you had to find out the position of your ship by yourself.

05 May 2005 by Wolfwood

Details about the Xbox version

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Keith at Pirates Ahoy! received a letter from Firaxis, listing some of the features of the Xbox version of Pirates! Some of them sound enviable even to someone who's vowed never to buy a game console(!), while others sound like additions to make the game more exciting to a more impatient gaming crowd. A quote:

"# Depending on whether you have a telescope or not, you get varying degrees of information about your target), and an all-new overlay map that you can toggle on and off, which shows your current position on the map in real-time while you sail around.
# The game itself has been streamlined, in the sense that we sped things up (sailing is faster, the map was shrunk so it takes less time to get from point A to point B), as well as optimizing the screens so that, for example, you can get out of the plunder screen in one or two button presses, and so on.
# A new quest system in which the Mysterious Stranger gives you specific tasks to complete, leading up to the location of Montalbanís hideout."

Sail over to Pirates Ahoy! to read the full story.

05 May 2005 by Wolfwood

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