Everyone loves the beginner

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Remember what it was to first start playing Pirates!? Remember the confusion? The fear? Many of us have become experts since those days, but there are others out there, who are only starting out their careers in the Spanish Main. Rather than knock these beginners on the head and take their gold, the famous pirate Airsaw figured out a better plan: Why not help those beginners along, give them the means to gather up some loot and only then go and whack them over the head to take their gold?

Now, I direct all beginners, and humble experts willing to learn more, to take everything that they can from Airsaw's Beginners' FAQ.

23 Mar 2005 by Wolfwood

Get your legs a-moving!

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We invite you most courteously to visit the Guide section of our forum for the latest additions to our selections of guides. Rupertlittlebear and Gun Pierson have both been busy and have produced us two fabulous guides to teach us in the mysterious arts of fencing and dancing.

Just click on the "Guide" link in the above navigation bar and enjoy the venerable wisdom of two of our members.

17 Mar 2005 by Wolfwood

Sid Talk's XBOX Pirates!

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Sid wrote a miniature diary for the still upcoming Pirates! for XBOX over at EuroGamer

We've had a Firaxis Xbox development team working on the game for nearly two years and it's coming along just fine. Right now we're working on adding multiplayer ship battles for up to four players on a single machine. We'll also offer scoreboards, rankings and cool customizable content through Xbox Live. We have every confidence that "Sid Meier's Pirates!" will kick some serious Xbox booty. We hope you'll agree.

15 Mar 2005 by admin

Server move complete!

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Hi all, welcome back...

I hope you didn't have to wait very long for the new domain to become active. The plans for the move suddenly changed and we ended up doing it a little less elegant than I had originally concocted.

So, not only you find yourself on a new server (you wouldn't have noticed really) but also on a new domain name. So what happened to cutlassisle.com? Why a new name? What was wrong with the old one? Does this have anything to do with the recruitment of the new mods and the talk of 'soon to be announced plans'?

A solid yes can be the only answer to those questions.

I'll tell you all about it if you click on "more" below...

14 Mar 2005 by admin

Patch Finally Out!

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Atari has finally released the patch for Pirates! Unfortunately, this release is only for the USA version, but we trust that the European patch will come out momentarily also.

The patch

Several fixes are promised in the readme file, including the ship ugrade bug, no X on treasure maps bug, elimination of the terminator, land battle speed-ups, elimination of the food bug etc. Also some difficulty increases in bar duels have been promised.

More talk in this thread.

08 Mar 2005 by Wolfwood

Mod database online

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Cutlass Isle proudly presents the largest Pirates! mod database on the net. :)

When we do something, we want to do it properly. After many months of looking around for the proper tool to administer the rapidly growing number of mods for Pirates! out there, we've finally found what we were looking for.

We've added a vast number of sails, flags, skins and other things but we've also enabled you to upload your own files to the database. Remember though that your uploads won't show up until they've been approved.

Go ahead, check it out here!

07 Mar 2005 by admin

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