Pirates! patch coming soon

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Yup, you read that right. Our friends over at Pirates Ahoy! received an email from Firaxis' Barry that the patch is nearing completion. (Keith says probably in the next two weeks or so)

Not much else in PA's posting though and these days their site is quite hard to read. But if you feel like squinting a little, check it out. :)

27 Feb 2005 by admin

Weird stuff happening on CI

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Quite a nasty surprise when I logged in this morning...

Apparently while I was asleep, the forum look&feel had been changed back to the default phpbb (forumsoftware) style. Investigating a little deeper, I found the forum had been completely overwritten but the database was still intact.

I contacted support and they have no clue what happened. If I was asleep and no one (not Wolf or any of the other moderators either) has access to the server, you come to the following conclusion: either the server was hacked, the server admins have updated something, or some server admin has been mucking around on the server.

Support denies teh above but can't come up with any explanations and the backup is from last saturday. (thought we had daily backups here...)

I have a copy of our test forum which I'm about to rename so that it'll show as the main forum. This can be done in a manner of seconds. It is NOT 100% so some stuff will NOT be functioning right.

As you can understand, I'm sitting here fuming and with stuff like this happening, staying with the current hoster would be a questionable decision. It's a lot of work to migrate though, so not sure if and when that will happen. We'll keep you updated.

24 Feb 2005 by admin

Forum feature added: create your own character!

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Remember Wolfwood's mysterious Another 24 hours post? Come on, admit it got you curious about what it could be. :)

Well, it's been revealed. You will now be able to create your own Avatar dynamically through the forum. Sounds puzzling? Understandable, but check out this thread to find out more!

18 Feb 2005 by admin

Pirates! Patch?

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Okay, this is a little weird. A Pirates! patch has been released but before you go "Woohoo!", I'm afraid it's something we hadn't quite expected. The patch apparently solves some issues with the copy protection that has been applied to the DVD versions of the game. That's all it does I'm afraid.

For those that have problems with the copy protection, the patch can be downloaded here.

05 Feb 2005 by admin

No trophy for Pirates! at the AIAS awards

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Being nominated for the title of Computer Game of the Year is one thing, but winning it is a whole other ballgame. Especially when one of your opponents is Half Life 2. So, sad but true, Half Life 2 deservedly won the title and Valve went home with a truckload of other throphies in almost a dozen categories. I'm sure the peeps over at Firaxis were happy with the nomination itself as well. :)

04 Feb 2005 by admin

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