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Okay, so isn't as flashy as, at least, we don't think it is. At the same time though, it gives us a theme for what we're trying to do, for what Wolf and I have been planning for a few weeks now.

I can't give you all the details in here and you'll probably be bored stiff with it if I would, but after all the talking, brainstorming and reasoning, it comes down to this; We think you guys are so much fun to run this site for, that we want to try and see if we can do that for you for other games too.

Sid Meier's Pirates! is a fun game but we'll have to wait for another 17 years to see the sequel and to be honest, we don't think we can keep this community alive for so long. :) So, we're hoping to provide sites, similar to Cutlass Isle, that also interest you and give you a home for more than just this one game.

Do we know if it will work? Nope, but it's fun to try and see if we can make it work with other games too. Will we make sites for every game possible? Nope, just for the ones we think will be fun to talk about.

There will be more announcements on all of this pretty soon. In the mean time, we hope you'll enjoy your continued stay on Cutl... erm... :)
14 Mar 2005 by admin

stingray - 14 Mar 2005 05:31 pm
well done..I got a bit confussed when all was locked up tighter than Davey Jones's locker but found my way here and will settle in with a rumdum and a smile!

Kensai - 14 Mar 2005 05:39 pm
Oh, I know that I´m sexy, but nobody said that I´m fun. Thanks laughing

Rupertlittlebear - 14 Mar 2005 06:54 pm
Slick. smile

PrinceScamp - 15 Mar 2005 03:37 am
wink how about a section for the up and coming The Elder Scrolls III: Oblivion!

rupertlittlebear - 15 Mar 2005 07:36 am
1) Elderscrolls has a Professional Forum already . . . The kind that Firaxis can never dream about.

2) Falconer's Pirate Forum beats the pants off of the other Pirates! forums, and expressly puts the Atari Forum to oblivion. Dedicated sections for other games might help, might hurt, might just get lost.

Falconer - 15 Mar 2005 06:35 pm
Wow, thanks Rupert. :)

No, I can assure you that we will not 'polute' the Pirates! forum with other crap (at least not any further than the "any games section"). I don't know how fast we can do everything (most of us have dayjobs) but we're aiming to have "something before the end of the month".

PiratesFan - 19 Mar 2005 11:23 pm
wassat And where am I in the planning of this oh yeah.. lost and confused ... everything looks great Falconer and I like the new idea.. I will help in anyway possible if ya let me. Now to get my arse back in full swing again and start being in touch with the wonderful people of this site.

rayg544 - 31 Mar 2005 03:40 pm
"Other Games"? You mean they make other games? wink

Keith - 10 Jun 2005 09:56 am
From my experience, diversing to much usually kills a site, people like to goto websites that specialize in a certain area. Most people have lots of time to kill. Even PA! suffers to a degree even though we are only pirate games

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