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PostPosted: Wed May 05, 2010 3:24 am    Post subject: PORT ROYAL (7) Reply with quote

Me crew did ransack through our fine stuffs for fancy waistcoats, capes, plumed hats and laciness, none the worse for a tear or a spot of dried blood, 'til none could tell captain from cabin-boy. I dismiss my crew with a weekly allowance. They swaggered down the gangplank tapping and twirling gentlemen's' walking sticks. We are home and there's joy in the linking of all sorts of eager amourouses. New tarts from the "bakery" all freshly prepared, smartly vendor about. Stromboli, the puppet- master, always dear to a crowd had set up. My men, most sporting one or two of the gayest of company, paused as Stromboli's boy in his pine-cone garlands struck his gong. We turned and saw the stage curtains draw open. 'Twas the show 'King Midas.'

Princess Marigold was in the rose garden, netting strewn with paper roses, when she hears someone, a drunken someone approaching. She hides behind a trellis. Enter Silenus, a satyr, with goat legs and a pan pipe. He recites poems extolling the virtues of drink and after each stanza Silenus plays his pan pipe then falls asleep. Marigold talks to the audience and the sleeper. Her asides are humourous double entendres regarding different woods, tall trees, and women seduced by satyrs. She exits then returns with her father, King Midas. As the curtain closes they carry him.
Scene 2-IN THE THRONE ROOM OF BACCHUS, As thanks for returning his wayward son, Bacchus, father of Silenus, grants King Midas' wish-THE GOLDEN TOUCH
Scene 3-King Midas in a gold room, walls, curtains, tables, candelabra, turkey, fruits all gold- "Alas what am I going to eat, and my drink has turned to liquid gold." Marigold enters. "The satyr has returned." and hugs her father as the curtains close.
Scene 4- Silenus lectures King Midas about the folly of gold. Marigold is a gold statue behind them. She rolls her eyes, drolly punctuating the speech of Silenus.
Scene 5- Bacchus lectures King Midas about being careful what you wish for. It may come true.

(So nicely does THE GOLDEN TOUCH echo the themes of Coagulas' tale of greed and gold that Ay'ym tempted to retell it in full, but some readers, might accuse me of caging the tale, or worse yet, unkindly marring the pace of my piece with childish trivia.)

The audience claps. Stromboli and the lad pass the hat. "DONATE, do encourage my creativity generously " ( MY sentiments exactly!) The men do so, for the sheer pleasure of sharing, 'till the saner hands of doxies stays their purses. He approaches me, beaming, his hat heavy with coin, "Captain, have you a figure-head for me to carve?"

Roxanne and Sleeping Dog trail behind me rush to the warehouse. We store kegs of gunpowder inna adjacent chamber and reassemble the manufactory to configure an elaboratory. " twas not difficult to procure the necessary glassware, equipment and raw materials. Odd, that these are strangely similar to the making of gunpowder, namely sulphur, charcoal and saltpeter, but different proportions. I secured all the mercury available and wish there was more, but there was enough for my initial hexperimentations. The elaboratory now ready, I studied the astrological tables, and if these calculations were correct i must begin now. One notion vexed,- the conditions of my spirit, soul, inner peace, whatever you would call it was still unsettled but I believe Sleeping Dog has the the mix to fix!
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