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PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 7:06 pm    Post subject: KING and CROWN INTRODUCTION Reply with quote

The correct order of these Coagula Diaries is - 1Coagula at the Isthmus -2 Triangle Trade -3 Port Royal Story -4 King and Crown

I hope you have enjoyed my attempt to 'raise the dead', making rules for a game that does not exist, and creating narratives that sometimes do not follow these rules. So far my mini-games have, by and large, conformed to SMP programming parameters, New characters are merely changes in costume. New sets are built on existing wire frames. Animation sequences are rearranged and revisited. New programming usually has multiple applications.
KING and CROWN is the final and most ambitious, mini-game in my effort to revitalize SMP as an Extension. I'll try to keep it simple 'tho the scale of the action is really large and complex. Land battles often involve many more units requiring a larger field of action. Fleet conflicts at sea need new 'key-board' control concepts. While this new programming will be the more expensive than any of my previous mini-games I hope they can be regarded as a foundation or starting point and transferred as the core of a NEW SMP- SMP 2 - with re-visualized graphics - that I'll call SMP 2 - "The World"
In addition to Game-play instructions for KING and CROWN are the LOGS of Pelegroso, Baton Rouge, and of course, Coagula.

GOAL You guessed it! Become conqueror of the Caribbean! Plant YOUR pennant on every city! ALL the gold accumulated during the games is your initial budget, it also equals the minutes you have for this game.

ECONOMY- players start with a budget equal to the sum of gold accumulated "Living the Life". All this gold will be used to buy armies and fleets. War is expensive, but vassal cities will soon send tribute to more than cover the cost. If all the colonies of a nation fall to your control you will profit greatly (like having a monopoly in the game MONOPOLY) all the minor towns are yours. That nation is eliminated. Now your other conquered cities can join into a single economic web. The A-I has been managing economies from the beginning, and continues to do so. A-I manages your economy too. You, as Generalissimo, delegate the economic strategy to the A-1. More gold equals more time in the game. Cities are captured several ways, battle, treachery , blockade.

ENTERING CITIES - 1-You may enter any city as a "trader" to spy. The Governor "understands" your mission and will try to buy off, meaning paying you to not outnumber his defenders or SELL his city to you for a lot of gold (the treacherous rascal!). The fellow with the tray may offer to eliminate the Governor, and so lower that armies moral.
2 - You will always have the opportunity to DANCE. You may be motivated to dance - THREE of these Governors" daughters are very SPECIAL and will reveal why at once. At the end of the dance, if decently performed, two special women will betray their city to you! The third woman will bequeath the ENTIRE remaining cities of her country to you. You are the master of ALL she posses, gold, cities, towns, ships and armies!
3 - To win lightly defended cities you must defeat the the captain of the Guard AND find the SECOND opponent - fencing master, Governor, or suitor to duel.

TAVERN- The barkeep will reveal the forces of the city, if the captain of the guard is not there. You may choose to duel him if he is, The barmaid will stroke your epaulets and whisper "Take me with you" before revealing any sea news. The wacko trio are not dueled any more . They are spies, each loyal to one of the colonial powers. Information and misinformation is spread here. You may enlist crew. The MYSTERIOUS STRANGER has a new role. He is your connection to the "A-I ." Click on him to access several spread sheets: One sheet accounts all your assets, gold, ships, armies and your cities. A-I micro manages the economies of these cities just as it managed the economies (and strategies) of the 4 colonial powers. Another spread-sheet displays mini-maps of your fleets at sea. You click on one to join it when a sea battle is eminent or you are about to beach, You must command the landing, and the battle that follows. The mysterious one is your master spy, with agents everywhere. His MAP will show where enemy invasion forces are massing, and show where invasion fleets are, and how many soldiers are aboard. He does not know their destinations. Their orders are to attack you - a city you intend to attack - or ANY of their neighbors.
You may visit the merchant and shipwright.

LOG of Pelegrosso
Baton Rouge invited me to his ship and we were piped aboard. His crew seemed an unkempt. unsavory lot. They greet him with unseemly familiarity and he returns their fraternal (?) greetings. I was shocked at the lack of dignity in his bearing, the lack of aloofness; of distance. Did I envy this camaraderie? Not at all! As God is to his people, as king is to his nation, as father to his family, so is captain to his crew; judge, jury and hangman too if it comes to that. Was this figure garbed in a red shirt, open necked with flapping sleeves, with matching red pantaloons puffed about the ankles, with BARE (?) feet able to command the respect of his ruffians?
But I was quite charmed by the grace and wit of my host and his taste for vintages. Impressed by his letter of introduction I was not inclined to question his youth or the judgement of officials superior to myself.
His effete grace aped, the now in vogue, notorious, Jack Sparrow mincing his way into Caribbean gossip. What did the fey pursing of lips and the off-hand, limp wristed gestures imply ? French and Spanish nobles testified to his excellent seamanship, coolness under fire, and exceptional skills at fencing. He twisted a wayward lock from his white perique (or was it his real hair) around a finger as he spoke. His voice was low, I thought it disguised a more adolescent pitch. But the content of his speech far outweighed the distractions of its tenor.
His name is taken from the symbol of authority his king has awarded; a gold tipped, miniature red mace. He taps it lightly on the table to emphasize the disasters he enumerates.
'We face a new scourge. A great danger to our colonies. An upstart pirate, loyal to none but the riffraff is nibbling away at our empires and causing conflicts between us."
How delightfully did this smooth faced youth earnestly expound on the potential chaos ahead.
"We must unite now, and destroy him ere we fall upon each other; the weakest to suffer first."
Thankfully, it was the Dutch who were the weakest and I was already thinking of some Dutch city to invade now that the pirate had stretched Dutch defenses thin. As tho' reading my thoughts he tapped the map softly on Curacao.
"He will want this city next, Senor Admiral, I am sure." We studied each other, the baton, now on his lap, erect. His eyes narrowed. We both, at that instant, realized the possibility that sometime in the future we might be enemies. He tapped at Curacao again. " Our Kings are allies of convenience. There is nothing we can do to save Curacao." I had orders. I was to combine fleets with this red clad puppy and defend Martinique,

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 7:10 pm    Post subject: LOG of Baton Rouge Reply with quote

LOG of Baton Rouge
Compelled by courtesy, I accept Donaldo Pelegrossos' invitation to visit his ship.The bosuns whistle marked my ascent to the deck. We strolled past his smartly dressed sailors under inspection. I tapped my baton against my cheek as I nodded to each of them. Stopping before a seaman whose shirt was sloppily stuffed I declared:
"Il a un poil dans la main"...( He's lazy) The crew laughed: ".J'ai du nez"...(I have a nose for it.) I tapped his shoulder: " Mon oeil"...(You can't fool me.) I winked broadly as the crew laughed again. The shirt had revealed the character of the man and he turned red, his arms tensed. I tapped his well developed bicep: "Tres bien".. (very good)
He lifted his arm: "Tate un peu!"...( feel that muscle!)
"Tres, tres bien"
I awarded several other men down the line with the same attention. I thought it a humorous addition to a stale ceremony but I don't think the Admiral apprecieated this departure from formality.
At the door to the Admirals' cabin I turned for a last review. His galleon is immaculate. I announced to the crew in general:
''Petit coquin''...(you rascal you.) Meant as a compliment.
The cabin is enormous and robustly ornamented with gilded carvings... "Tres bien.. (very good) Four cannons, stern chasers, don't crowd it. Nor do the table, chests, and sleep alcove. I have concealed my surprise by ignoring her. Leaning casually against one of the cannons is a beautiful woman. She rises and extends her arm. I kiss the hand of his daughter, Carlotta..
"Splendide! Quel bijou!"...(Splendid! What a jewel!) I murmur before releasing it.
''Petit coquin''...(you rascal you.) She enthuses to my gallantry, maintaining a deep curtsy; displaying her charms.
Also present are two slim men dressed in black leather. Bandoleers spiked with glittering throwing knives drape their shoulders and waist.
"Il y du a monde au balcon"...(there is a crowd in the balcony: what breasts!) She snaps her fan open to cool her bosom and smiles,
"Plus je te donne et plus te veux" ... (the more I give you the more you want) Her eyelashes flutter above the fan.
I notice what delicate hands the leather clad man has when he lifts the decanter and asks, "Plus de vin?" ... (more wine ?)
"S'il vous plait."...( Please.) The other man, with his thumbs tucked in his belt also has delicate hands.
I raise my glass toward Carlotta, "Non mais je reve"...( I cant believe my eyes) and referring, perhaps crudely, to her husband, "il a de la chance" ... (he is lucky)
At the mention of her husband Carlotta's smile freezes. She spits the words, "Tu veux une paire de baffles?! "....(Stop or I'll slap you!") Above the fan her eyes dart like trapped animals.
Don Donaldo intercedes, " Pas de ca!"...( Hey! None of that ) This remarkable exchange followed-
"Va te faire foutre!"... (screw you!)
''Ras-le-bol!"...(i've had it up to here!)
''Je m'en fous!''..(.I don't give a damn!)
"Ta gueule!!"...(Shut up!)
"Tate un peu!"...( feel that muscle!) She advances, thrusting her breasts toward me, "Tate un peu!" Her eyes roll up, only the white shows ."Au boulot!"... (Let's get to work!) Licking her lips lasciviously.
''Fini!''...(No more.") Her father gestures to the men. "Je m'en lave les mains!"...( I wash my hands of it!) They secure her arms.
" Ca fait mal!"...( that hurts !)
"Qu'est-ce que tu veux que j'y fasse?".... (What do you expect me to do about it?)
"Tu veux mon poing sur la gueule!"...( I'll knock your face in!) The spitfire struggles against the odds.
"Du menu fretin"...( Rubbish)..."Fini!"
They force her to the door,"On se casse!"...( Let's split.) and up the companionway.
She whines, "Encore, Baton Rouge. Rouge. Tate...Tate un peu, petit coquin. Mon oeil...(You can't fool me.) Baton Rouge, J'ai du nez...(I have a nose for it.) Au boulot, petit coquin, Baton Sil vous plait Grand Baton", in a manner most appealing.
I turn to the Don, "Quelle horreur"...( how awful)- concealing my amusement. .
"Ca n'a pas d'importance"...(It doesn't matter)
"Ah, J'ai eu la trouille"...( I was really scared)
"On a eu chaud"...( that was a narrow escape) "Au boulot". The Viceroy of Land and Sea smoothed the maps on the table, " Encore du vin?"

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 7:38 pm    Post subject: Log of Coagula Reply with quote

Log of Coagula
I don't die. The whites of my eyes are blue. the irises become slits when I'm angry. I get a little bestial. Some call me snaggle-puss, but not to my face. My nose and upper lip are cat-like. Most of my original crew have left. Their replacements have all been "blooded" - their memories inspected by me. All are murderers, for revenge preferred. They would leap off a yardarm for me. All wear metal corselets and if they are wounded in the back I don't want them anymore. They are my officer-shock troops. I call them the BASH and that is what I expect them to do. Carmine 'Big Red' Suture, an effing Effing, from that blood-feuding family, walked behind me with two others. We're searching the taverns. Searching for the Captain of the Guard. I've been here before the and town is still so lightly defended. At this stage of the game I'll also have to defeat someone else in the mansion, by the fountain or on the ramparts. I'll kill them both and the town will be mine! By night this road seems longer than I remember, this road to the 'Broken Hoe."
I stop to admire the sign as we enter. Stromboli created - a barmaid beheading a trooper. Bess, I rembered Bess. It seems so long ago. I heard Carmine, inside. A voice like an anchor being hoisted, "Good.... Evening.......Cousin."
That made it quiet and quick awright. BASH hovered and no troopers dared to draw a breath. I passed to the bar, to the red-head, Captain Effing. "Might I inquire as to how you got that scar, that impress of...wot ?...Pegasus! Harrg- We handled our swords, eyeball to eyeb...the Captain notices my irises are slits.
Carmine steps forward unsheathing his sword, seeking revenge, " Let me fight him !"
"Sure, why not," Their enmity is even deeper than mine. Poor Bess.

The Captain drew his sword. The captain dueled. The Captain died.

We marched the soldiers, quick time, to the mansion. Forgot who else I killed, the fencing master? a boyfriend? the Governor?
The town was mine.The soldiers were now mine too. I dressed them down severely. I left "Big Red" in charge, and marched on with my invasion force to Panama and then to the third city of the isthmus. These cities are the anchor for the left arm of a pincer strategy against the Spanish Main. The right arm would be Martinique, and from there I could also threaten the islands of the Antilles. The keystone of this grand strategy was Curacao.
Rather than demolishing one nations colonies I will risk attacking all, hoping they will fall on each other and by this mayhem find them all weakened.

I won more than expected at Curacao. First I negotiated with the Governor and he bribed me to reduce my forces and "Fight him fairly." as he put it. I conferred this coin to the butler when he offered to assassinate the Governor ! Upon meeting his daughter, Marta declared she was "special." I discovered how special after we danced. My previous machinations were unnecessary. She betrayed ALL the Dutch possessions ENTIRELY. I was now the master of all Dutch, gold, cities, towns, ships and armies! (My cities in the isthmus were now attached to this network.) St. Eustatius, 'tho isolated might serve as the northern threat for my Antilles plans. The conquest of Martinique, my pivot point is crucial. Marta pleaded for me to take her, marry her, make her my queen. Did I ? Aye, I took her, but promised nothing more. Really! Marry her! - and by this betrayer be betrayed ! Aye..I took her right prettily, all the way, Argh, all the way up to Martinique !

Sea Battle Game-Play
In SMP the A-I is able to handle multiple ships everywhere. Especially interesting is the ability to maneuver a 'target' ship AND its' defender. A-I could probably handle more than one defender. But how can it handle multiple ships of YOURS - the attacker? How can it know which ship ( of your fleet ) you want to go where and which ship to let a broadside. A possible solution might be YOUR fleet must act in unison, following the leader. The posting MOBY DICK proposed programming whales to swim in line, rank and Vee formations and this could be applied to your fleet. You command with the key pad so the numbers define line, turn left or right, form rank, or Vee formation. A-I will have to assume which ship you want to fire by this ships proximity to a target.
The alternative to this is TURN BASED PLAY on a sea defined by squares or better yet, hexagon tiles. The varieties of mobility and fire power of different ship types are more easily managed. Ships can load cannons with a choice of missiles. Firing range is a matter of choice, with accuracy improving the closer the ships are. Steering your ship ONTO foe = boarding and deck board dueling ensues pausing the sea fight. Captured ships are reflagged and join your fleet. A-i can choose to board you. If you lose this duel your ship joins their fleet and you are transferred to one of your other ships. A ship carrying buccaneers has grape shot added to its' firepower.
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