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CI RP: Character Introduction
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2006 8:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

nationality: english
age: 21
birthplace: la habana
skills: fencing, navigation, leadership, tactics
height: 5'9
weight: average
eye colour: steel grey
hair colour: jet black
story= taught from an insane age of eight in the arts of war this sailor has no limits well everyone he meets thinks so. when he was young his parents and entire family were killed in front of him, the images have been in his dreams ever since that day now he's searching for that pirate who killed his parents yet he does not despise pirates for he was branded one when he nearly caught the man who wronged him fortualy that man had amnesty so hunting him now is illegal but he cares not.

he always carries two, two shot pistols along with his fathers sword which his father always told him that this sword saved his and his fathers life "this weapon will cut through any armour and will never rust, i give this to you my son treat her well fore she is your guardian"

after the branding he enjoyed life more but had an ever rising price on his head. The spainish nearly had him but suddenly he vanished never to be heard of again.

a new alias he adopted now to be known as "Rougherk!"

now he sails the spanish main with his royal sloop "in cold blood"
there is no catching a man with no name 4ever changing names har har! Sailor bring me that horizon!!
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Powder Monkey
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2007 12:32 pm    Post subject: Jack Longshaw Reply with quote

Name: Johnathan "Jack" Oscar Longshaw JR
Nationality: Pirate
Age: 16 (on the year of 1700)
Born: 10 february 1684, Port Royal, Jamaica
Hair Colour: Golden Blonde
Eye Colour: Bluegreen
Height: 187cm
Weight: Average
Educated: Navigator, Captain, Sailor, Gunner, Fencer

Captain Jack Longshaw JR, Golden Queen
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Powder Monkey
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2008 1:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Irish Eagle's Character

Name: Captain Kamakazi Brian

Age: 16

Nationality: Irish

Bio: Despite his young age, Kamakazi Brian is know more for his daring exploits than his young age. Often seen leading futile charges, Brian beleives that pure guts is all that is needed to win any fight. However, his lack of experience means that his men often take extreme casualties in any fight while participating in death rushes. Brian's sword fighting prowess is renouned throughout the Carribain. While Captain Brian is know for his fighting skill, his mental abilities can be less that optimal, and he is often know for taking awile to grasp concepts that others take quickly. It is this weakness that led to his life of piracy.
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Powder Monkey
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, 2010 1:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Mr. Scotty Swift
Age: A secret (rumor is that he's been to the Fountain of Youth)
Nationality: Scottish
Ship: Contempteur de l'Espagne
Details: He wears a redcoat and powdered wig most of the time.
He can switch between an English or Scottish accent.
His real name is unknown, he keeps this secret and prefers just to be called Mr. Scott to show his Scottish national pride.

Biography: Born into a noble family, Mr. Scotty Swift had a good education, and, financed by the family, traveled to London, Paris, and Rome to continue his learning. He also took up learning about the naval and fencing arts, which led to his parents' concern for his career. Before they could express this however, Scott left his residence in Rome with a note saying that adventure awaited in the Caribbean.

He took a ship from there to Gibraltar, where he would find another ship to Port-de-Paix or Port Royal. However no ship was available, so he had to take one to Santiago He did after learning how much he despises the Spanish. He scorned their language, culture, and arrogance which he had to endure as a passenger aboard a ship of well-experienced sailors where he experienced all kinds of abuse. Eventually he could no longer hold his hatred in, as they passed by Port-de-Paix, he jumped overboard and swam to shore, after stabbing his worst nemesis.

His lust for adventure somewhat diminished, he took the job of diplomat to Port Royal and climbed the political ladder. Eventually he was granted the job of mayor for an English settlement on the island. Things got better and he settled down, having a prosperous life. However, he continued fencing and sailing as a hobby.

The harvest being especially plentiful one year, the townfolks were all given a glass of alcoholic beverage as a treat. Everyone partied happily into the night. And then, in the night, while everyone slept somewhat stupefied, the Spanish launched a surprise invasion upon the defenceless settlement, and they razed it to the ground, capturing only the strongest, killing the rest. Scott had been called to Port Royal to receive a promotion that night, and never knew of what had happened until he came back, and saw the last set of troops rowing back to their boat. Among the smouldering ruins, a Spanish flag hung high where the English flag had done so before. Scott ripped it and went into a rampage that lasted many days.

Eventually, he returned to Port Royal spent all the money he had banked, and what wasn't stolen, to buy a ship. Going to the tavern, he proclaimed that he was looking for a crew, zealous for England, and anxious, to pillage the Spanish.

Ever since, Mr. Scotty has been sailing the coast of South America, plundering treasure and sending it as presents back to England, France, and his family. He makes his home base in Curacao, the only "pure" port in South America, and receives supplies and sometimes soldiers from the English and French governments.

Oh what joy it is to be a privateer.
"Haven't you forgotten, I'm a heartless wretch!"
-Davy Jones
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, 2010 7:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

There isn't much role playing now. Why don't you start a new thread?
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, 2010 5:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

my Pirate

Alias: Simon Bladerat
Real Name: Simon Cooper
Old Ocupation: Cook at a bar
Nationality: Black Irish (dark hair and slightly darker skin)

Simon Bladerat (formally Simon Cooper) ran away at the age of 14 due to his father's death to go to sea. There he learned many skills including how to duel. As a great ahtlete Simon is also capable of preforming stunts while dueling and is incredibly fast on his feat.

Very good at convincing people to do things
Stay Away from my rum

I Accept Donations Smile
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Salty Dog
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 8:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm so sorry, I never made my formal introduction!

Yes, I am Salty Dog, owner and proprietor of the Salty Dog Tavern.

I tell you I have seen and heard much in my many years. You only know me as Salty Dog, the owner and operator of The Salty Dog Tavern.
I was born and raised in Ireland, like so many of the pirates you see here. I was raised on a farm in the Ceide Fields on the north Mayo Coast, where farming has existed for over 5000 years. All my distant relatives were farmers and my Father was a very dedicated dairy farmer. I grew up in a large Catholic family with four brothers and two sisters. We worked very hard working the land and tending the herd. We sold our milk at the local market in Ballycastle, County Mayo. Prices were set by the local Dairy Farmers Guild and my Father was a loyal member of the guild.

Twenty years ago, when I was only 17, the bottom fell out of the milk market. Too many farmers, too many cows, not enough demand for the milk sent prices downward. I was coming of age at the time and wanting to start a family of my own. There was no money for me to buy my own land and dairy herd. Also, since I was the youngest of five boys, I stood no chance of inheriting my Father's farm. It was time to move on. I heard at the time that the merchant ships were hiring crewmen in the Port of Dublin, so I traveled the 163 miles in 10 days carrying only one shabby bag of clothing.

Upon arriving in Dublin, I signed on as a Seaman Apprentice on the Belfast Lady, an 80-ton English Merchantman. We left within a week, carrying goods (Irish woolen clothing) and luxuries (Irish linens, lacework and pottery). The first two weeks went well but soon I realized how harsh life as a seaman was. We were treated poorly, had scant rations and the injury rate was very high. I could see the older seamen suffered from scurvy and malnutrition. They spent many months at sea at a time and were not home to see their families. Children were born while they were away and the men often wondered if they were the children's fathers. This is what I had to look forward to in my future.

Our ship was bound for Barbados. During the voyage, I let the Captain know that the sea life was just not for me and I would prefer working on a sugar plantation. However, the Captain did not see things that way. He said his Company was providing me transportation to the New World and the usual cost was 200 Pounds Sterling! Since I did not have the funds, I would have to serve as an indentured servant (slave) for three years to pay off this debt. This was much to my horror being relegated to slavery!!!

Once we were but one day from reaching Barbados, we entered Pirate waters and sure enough, off in the distance we saw a strange ship approaching us. It was a Sloop, a smaller and much faster ship than ours. At first we thought it was simply a mail ship or small, fast cargo ship. However, it sailed directly towards us and much caught our attention. We could see the ship was armed with eight cannon - not common for a merchant ship! It had no flag flying. As the ship approached us closer we could see the name on this vessel - it was called The Osprey and soon they raised a rather gaudy-looking red banner with hideous bone markings on it. Yes, they were pirates after us!

Once the ship came within hailing distance a voice rang out "My name is Captain Falconer - I am the captain of The Osprey and have my cannon trained on your waterline! If you do not allow us to board I will sink your ship at once!" As we were honest, unarmed merchants we had little choice so we allowed the pirates on board and begged for our lives. These were hard, grizzled, evil-looking men. Most were armed with cutlasses and many had the wounds to prove they had been in frequent battles.

Once they had seized control of the ship and locked the crew in the hold, they let us know they would be keeping the ship and all contents and dropping the crew off on the northeast coast of Barbados to allow us to hike the 25 miles into Bridgetown. It was shortly afterwards I had the chance to meet the Captain and some of his crew. I met a fellow named Leon Wolfen and another one named Jack Black. They questioned all the crew to determine if any members were worth being held for ransom. I told them I had no wealthy relatives worth paying a ransom and I was headed to a life of three years servitude. As they got to know me they eventually learned I was an able cook and had some skills in barrel making.

Much to my surprise, Captain Falconer called for me and I was escorted to his quarters. He said he had learned from Wolf and Black I had skills and asked if I were willing to join his crew as an assistant cook and barrel maker. So, I had to decide whether to become an honest indentured servant or a pirate. I chose the latter and immediately changed my name just as all pirates do.

I sailed with Falconer for two years, all along the Spanish Main. We preyed on cargo ships from all nations but primarily Spanish ships because they were more numerous and valuable. Each year, the Treasure Fleet would set sail from Barcelona carrying valuable goods and luxuries to the New World. This was the start of the pirating season. As the ships reached the new world, their valuable cargo was offloaded onto other, smaller ships and these ships showed up at the major ports with gold to pay for them. It provided a rich opportunity for pirates to prey on both the large Treasure ships and the smaller ships carrying gold and locally-grown spices and locally-grown sugar.

I tried hard to keep a low profile to prevent being identified by the sailors and passengers of ships we were looting. I was successful for almost two years until a ship with people from County Mayo, Ireland saw me on The Osprey and identified me as a crew member. I knew my days were numbered once they told the English Governors about me.

At this time, we sailed into a small island that had much to offer. Falconer sent out a scouting party and they reported back this island could support a Pirate Haven. They named it Cutlass Isle. Falconer asked if any of us wanted to set up the Haven. Wanting to avoid capture and eventual execution, I immediately volunteered and decided to set up a tavern. This is when I built The Salty Dog Tavern.

I was supplied rum, mead, wine and Beer by pirates who "liberated" this cargo from ships they captured and from a steady stream of smuggler ships from all nations. There are so many smugglers in the Caribbean it was easy to set up a reliable source of supply. Once I became successful, women would show up looking for work and I was able to chose the ones I liked to become barmaids and I expanded upstairs to build "cribs" for a bordello! That is where most of my REAL money is made - from lonely sailors seeking some female companionship.
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