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Forum FAQ, Site Rules, and More
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2005 3:47 am    Post subject: Forum FAQ, Site Rules, and More Reply with quote

OK all you pirates (and pirates to be). I'm sure you be wantin' to be askin' some questions when ye first arrive on this here Cutlass Isle. Below be the answers ye be lookin' for.
Read carefully, as we be making ye walk the plank if ye be asking too many questions that have already been answered here. Twisted Evil

Gold is earned whenever a post is made. The amount of gold depends on the length (no. of characters) of the post, but a maximum of 200 gold can be earned for each post, and a maximum of XXXX gold can be earned per day.
The gold earned can be used to purchase items from the Cutlass Isle shops (See Shops below) or to donate to other members of the forum.

Donations of gold can be made to other members of the forum. Under each member’s avatar (and also in their profile), there is the option to ‘Donate’. Just click the donate link and follow the prompts. You may notice that there is no ‘Donate’ link under your own avatar, but be assured that everyone else can see it.
Setting up new usernames just to make donations is not tolerated and is closely watched by the moderators. Any such instances will cause the transgressor to be told to walk the plank and will be banned from the forums.

The shop(s) is located in the sub-menu below the advertisement. Inside, there are a number of shops that you can visit. They are:

Governor’s Mansion
Collect Letters of Marque of each warring nation
Request the hand in marriage of his lovely daughters

Kendrill’s Quality Goods
A general store with clothing, weapons and sailing equipment
Peg Leg Real Estate
Purchase a home to rest when you return from a long voyage
The Sailmaster
Sells ships of all types
The Salty Dog
The tavern where you can buy a crew, musical equipment to keep them happy, some animal companionship and of course some grog.
The Vanity Shop
Purchase avatar privileges, Name and Title effects

Buying, selling, trading
Once in the shop, you can do a number of things. You can purchase the item of your choice (assuming you have enough gold for the purchase) by selecting it from the appropriate shop.

If you want to sell an item you already have, but have no need for, you must locate the item in the shop. Once you select the item, you have the option to re-sell your items back to the shop. Of course, there is a small fee for this and you will only receive 90% of the full value of the item.

Trading is done by first viewing your inventory. You can then select Trade which will enable you to select the forum member whom you would like to trade with, and the object for trade. This must be accepted by the forum member before the trade is finalized.

Avatars are displayed to the left of the posting section of the forum. To enable an avatar, you must first purchase the rights to own an avatar from the Vanity shop (see above). Once you have purchased the right to an avatar, you can do one of three things.
1. Select an avatar from the Flag Gallery
2. Import your own avatar from off-site by entering the appropriate URL
3. Construct a character Avatar from the Avatar mod(*).

The Avatar mod has a number of options on clothing colours and types to choose from, including hat, jacket, shirt, pants and shoes, as well as the character which you would like to be. Another aspect of the Avatar mod is the ability to add certain items you have purchased from the shop. If you have purchased a weapon from the shop such as a cutlass, you have the option of having your character hold that weapon. You also have the option to hold a parrot (if purchased) in the other hand.
Certain backgrounds can also be obtained by purchasing a Letter of Marque from the Governor.

* Note that at present, you cannot go back to using other kinds of avatars after you've decided to make one with the Avatar mod!

Forum Ranking
As you will notice, each member of the forum has a title underneath his or her chosen forum name. These titles (or ranking) change according to the number of posts that the member has contributed to the forums. The forum ranking is detailed below:

Powder Monkey 0
Swabbie 50
Seaman 125
Cutthroat 250
Gunner 500
Rigger 1000
Boatswain 2000
Helmsman 4000
Sailing Master 8000

General Note
Please note that ‘spammers’ and those members who use abusive language are not well liked amongst the pirate community at Cutlass Isle. Spamming posts will be deleted by the moderators, and any gold accrued from such spamming posts will also be deleted. A warning is given to the spammer and they will be put on probation and given a title of “Walking the plank”. Any further discrepancies will have them banned from the forum. There is also a “no-religion or politics” discussion rule in the forum.

We are pirates, but we are still civilised.
Shiver me timbers!!!
"It's good to be the king" - Mel Brooks

AKA. Will Scarlett.

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PostPosted: Fri May 13, 2005 7:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


When posting try to find the appropriate topic that you think it should fit under. If you do not moderators will move to the more fitting topic that is available. So if you don't see your post where you last posted it. This will be why. Just giving everyone heads up.

Obviously we will not catch everything. If you meant to post somewhere else please contact one of us and we can move it for you.

Site Suggestions
As a few have already noticed. There is a new section called suggestions. As this site is much for you as it is for us, we felt that it is time you speak up and let us know what we can do to make your stay as comfortable as possible. As it states it is for suggestions and we may not always get to them or have the ability to implement them. Try it out and maybe you could be the one that helps our site grow.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2006 6:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

***** Information below was originally posted by Rifleman *****

Maybe this info has been posted before, if not, hope this helps....

I have noticed several long, long URL site addresses posted. In just a few easy steps, you can create a personalized, shortened URL locator. When creating a new post, there are several “tag” buttons below the subject line.

Click the “URL” button.

Back arrow one space, so the cursor is in between the “L” and the right bracket “ ] “

Type “=” and paste in the link address.

Type a single word or descriptive text, and click the “/url” button. Always close your tags!


[url= ] CLICK HERE [/url]



To post pictures, use the “IMG” tags,


[img] [/img]


Remember, always use the preview feature before posting, to make sure the tags worked properly. Also, when posting pictures, watch the size, smaller is usually better....
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