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CI RP: Roleplay information!
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 26, 2004 8:22 am    Post subject: CI RP: Roleplay information! Reply with quote


Lots of things have changed since we originally formed rules for the roleplaying section. Today, substantial changes have been made on the formatting of the threads and I thought it was time to update the rules and make sure everyone reads them before participating. So, here goes...

General Info
1 - Treads that are sticky belong to the main (current) story being played out by the participants. Treat these with respect, check what they are about and don't step out of their context/topic.

2 - Every now and then, we'll ask someone to help us out with something. This can be by posting something we wrote to further the story, by helping us get the main story back on track, or by helping out with a subplot. You may or may not get paid for it, depends on the situation.

3 - You are ALWAYS allowed to start a new thread with a new story! You can also post suggestions (either in a new or existing thread) to move the main story into a new direction, tell people you like what they're doing etc etc, as long as you don't do it in the Chapter threads!

4 - You can either use your own name as a character, or play as someone else. If you would like to do so, then start your post with *** Character Name ***. You can have more than one character this way, but beware; you are responsible for the characters you create. You can't just abandon them!

5 - It's also allowed to post suggestions at the bottom of your roleplay post. Please do this between ( ).

6 - No bickering unless it's part of the story. Haven't seen any fights yet, but to speak with PirateFan's words: "Remember, this is just for fun!"

7 - If you're uncertain if something is allowed, don't hesitate PiratesFan or me about it. We'll help you out.

8 - We're obligated to change the rules as we see fit in order things running smoothly.

Threads Explained
- Chapter threads: Intended to further the main story, always stay in character (so, "Good post!" messages belong somewhere else) and stick to the timeline described. Surprise us in here!
- Other sticky threads: These are informational threads and the rules aren't so tight here. There's no particular need to stay in character.
- Everything else: If it's obvious someone has created a subplot, then please stay in character here. Feel free to join him, you're intended to!

If you think a rule or piece of information needs to be changed or added, post it in this thread please.
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