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PORT ROYAL-(9A) Seeds of Blood
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PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2010 12:38 pm    Post subject: PORT ROYAL-(9A) Seeds of Blood Reply with quote

They walked out of the jungle onto 'New Street' which is the main thorofare of Port Royal and connects to the sugar plantations up-country.On this street Jewish money changers and merchants have shops with homes above so some call it Jew Street. Merchants of every sort used to trade freely, frequently and sometimes fairly with pirates, and this still done. But Spain, by treaty, now recognizes the English in exchange for the suppression of piracy. Governor Sir Henry Morgan ordered many who refused to give up the practice hung at Gallow's Point. He died in 1688 and was given a hero's burial in a cemetery on the Palisadoes strip while the guns of Fort Charles saluted. The gallows continue to swing pirates. They pass the stone- built Goal House, a jail for women.They pass the stores of shoemakers, tailors, hatters, upholsters, cabinet makers, and the workshops of bricklayers, carvers, joiners, turners, smiths, ropemakers, and armourers. There are more gambling and drinking dens, Coagula will choose one soon, than places of worship. Most buildings are gabled roofed, many are multi-storied, made of brick, while others are hastily erected, wood frame structures. All stand, miraculously, on foundations of sand. Turning at the intersection of Lime and Queen streets they pass Fort James, the night guards uniforms have royal blue facings, awarded to the unit for bravery against the French, and come to Bradford's wharf where the ship Abattoir is docked.By 1690,Port Royal's population was greater than Boston, making it the largest English town in the New World. Covering only 50 acres, it was filled with 6,500 people, and known as the "wickedest city in Christendom."

"Good night, catman" said Sleeping Dog as he mounted the ramp to Abattoir. It came to me that these where the only words he spoke tonight (all day?) Not a word, while I waded in the velvet charm of this mystical night descending upon me and my nightmare jaw. Hoy, I heard him say 'captain', but now I think 'catman'.
"I'll see you in the morning" We parted, I turned, then turned back 'catman?' He was halfway up the gangplank. to call him back I cleared my throatt, Harrrrrrrumph, it came more like a growl, he spun around and laughed, and I laughed too, at baby cat's first growl. He descended the ramp laughing, and we hugged, laughing so hard my sides ached, I caught breath, I near died laughing.

Now I want to drink, some blood. Not any body, some stranger, someone I don't know, and where people I do know, aren't. I pass the discolored buildings, erected without plan from the look of them, fortuitously as so many weeds rising from the ground. One with a roof like a retreating forehead, another juts out like an eye-tooth. standing in their sleep, something hostile, malicious permeates their very bricks. reflected in the faint, inexplicable tremors whose origin remains beyond my power to fathom, even if I cared to try; and all the windows, great and small, from which love and fear have peered, shining and in tears. Put those windows end to end and it would be a casement that would reach around the world; and put those thousand eyes into one eye and you would have the night combed with the great blind searchlight of the heart.

So many taverns to choose from and so much time.Yet i am prowling quite rapidly toward the glow from a handsome brick building, housing,of all things, a tavern. Inside was panel wainscot and chandeliers wreathed in pungent clouds. It seemed I was in a vast garden, their drops of blood are seeds for a miraculous orchard, and I am an immortal fruit. Sitting at a table was John White, president of the island's council being joined , carrying two goblets of wormwood wine, was Dr. Heath of St. Paul's Church. White lets a stream of smoke to the ceiling. Important, powerful men, a room full, stagnating. in the stench of ancient crimes. A last look before I leave. I will no longer tolerate this greyness- I will unload an enourmous cargo of dispair onto your quays. I rise like a shark from the muddy depths of the ages.I cry out RED, I breath RED. I laugh at being incomprehensible, honest or improbable. Life is red, and lords it over greyness. I am one who takes red to drape my spirit.
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