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Expeditions Conquistador
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 28, 2013 3:37 am    Post subject: Expeditions Conquistador Reply with quote

Well, since there are several other great reviews on this game on the net I am not going to write one here... But, I will recommend it in case this game has gone under your radar.

Fantastic RPG elements, and I'm not talking about the statistics but the writing, choices and consequences. There are several strategic ways to tackle every situation, some better than others but it's situational ofcourse. The game is also VERY difficult, which is especially intriguing in this day and age when everything released is more or less piss easy even on "hard".

I'll point you to a decent beginners guide;

I don't agree with everything he says but it's the guide I used loosely and my first expedition is still going strong because of it.

Notice that you can't promote everyone to max rank, so you will have to make some choices. Here are some of my suggestions;

- Hunters are only good in combat if you get them to rank III or better, and you need to pick "Walk the Shots" to make them worthwhile. Bow users are great, much longer range than "rifle" users and the damage trade-off isn't really that much.

- Soldiers should focus defensively, sword & shield users have 25% block which easily beats the increased damage from using halberd.

- I mostly use 3 soldiers, 1 scout and 2 Hunters. People say hunter and scout doesn't work well but that depends on strategy. I fight defensively and use my scout as a enemy rank breaker. AI use a lot of doctors, so a scout to pick them off from behind is great. You could probably use a medic instead of scout and turtle a little safer but I enjoy my style so far.

- Character personalities are more important than the equipment they come with. Any expedition member with high morale is more worth than a "perfect" one with low morale. Pick those who is close to your own intentions or neutral towards them. High morale means no mutiny but also massively increased critical chance which is extremely effective in combat, naturally.

- Soldiers get 55% damage resistance from armor alone if you equip them fully, and add 5 extra defense through "talents" against melee and ranged. 4 Soldiers and two doctors also make a strong defensive team, slow but nearly invincible.
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