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PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:20 pm    Post subject: Lusca Reply with quote


Thanks to the Disney movie, everyone knows of the Kraken. But around the Caribbean the giant squid like critter is known as the Lusca.
Some claim it is the cross between a giant shark and an octopus. Others say it more like a cross between giant squid and an eel. No matter how you describe this giant cuttlefish, it is believed to haunt the waters of the Caribbean. They lurk in the blue holes, a vast network of underwater caves, and they come out of them to feed on unsuspecting victims that wander to close or happen to startle their rest. They are especially active around the Bahamas but supposedly exist throughout the Caribbean Sea.

Few people survive an attack by the lusca. This vicious animal attacks a ship from below. The first sign of the attack is the whirlpool that forms under the ship. Then the lusca’s tentacles wrap around the ship and with a jerk it pulled into the depths of the ocean. As the whirlpool subsides, all that is left is what the lusca didn’t digest; perhaps a bit of wood or a sail or other items that would float to the surface. Lucky be the pirate who survives the Lusca! Or so the myth goes.
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