The Ships of Pirates!

The new Pirates! game will come with a grand total of 27 ships. Each of these ships comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. Every ship however, can acquire upgrades at the shipwright to improve its chances in combat. A fully upgrade ship has a considerable advantage over its peers and may actually end up winning against usually unlikely foes.

I'ts up to you to decide how much value you place on these upgrades, as acquiring them will force you to seek out ports all over the Caribbean. Not every port has an upgrade available, and the ones that do, will offer only one specific upgrade. As you may understand, it can take quite some time to upgrade your ship and the patience of your crew may be tested sorely while you're pursuing this.

Below you'll find a list of all the ships that can be found in Pirates!. It shows its strengths and weaknesses before any upgrades have been made. Click on the ship name to see a picture of it at the shipwright. Due to the rarity of some of the ships, some pictures are still missing.

Please note that this information is based on the Beta and is subject to change!


TypeSizeTurningCrewGunsCargoSpeedBest Sailing
War CanoeSmallVery Tight50820Very FastBBR
Mail RunnerSmallTight801230Very FastBBR
Sloop of WarSmallTight1001650FastBBR/BR
Royal SloopSmallTight1252060FastBBR/BR
Brig of WarMediumMedium2003280MediumBBR/BR/RBR/RIW
War GalleonLargeWide2003290SlowBR/RBR/RBW
Fast GalleonLargeWide1602480SlowBR/RBR/RBW
Flag GalleonLargeWide25040100SlowBR/RBR/RBW
Large FrigateLargeWide2504090FastBR/RBR/RBW
Ship of the LineLargeWide30045100FastBR/RBR/RBW

Merchant Ships

TypeSizeTurningCrewGunsCargoSpeedBest Sailing
PinnaceSmallVery Tight601025Very FastBBR
FluytMediumWide50880Very SlowRBR/RBW
Large FluytMediumWide7512100Very SlowRBR/RBW
Coastal BarqueMediumTight701260SlowBBR/BR
Ocean BarqueMediumTight1251680SlowBBR/BR
West IndiamanMediumVery Wide10016120Very SlowRBR/RBW
East IndiamanLargeVery Wide15020140SlowBR/RBR/RBW
MerchantmanLargeVery Wide12516100SlowBR/BBR/RBW
Large MerchantmanLargeVery Wide12520120SlowBR/RBR/RBW
Trade GalleonLargeVery Wide10020120Very SlowRBR/RBW
Royal GalleonLargeVery Wide15032130Very SlowRBR/RBW
Treasure GalleonLargeVery Wide20040140Very SlowRBR/RBW

BBR - Broad Beam Reach
BR - Broad Reach
RBR - Running Broad Reach
RIW - Running Into the Wind
RBW - Running Before the Wind