Official Sites
Pirates! 2005 (official site)
Pirates! Xbox (official site for Xbox version)
Firaxis (developer of Pirates)
Atari (Original publisher of Pirates)
2K Games (New publisher of Pirates)

Addicted to Pirates (fansite/forum)
Pirates Ahoy (site about many pirate themed games)

Pirates! Related
The Lost Tavern (the best site on the original Pirates! games)
The Sid Meier Legacy (on Civilization Fanatics)
Pirates! Series (on Moby Games)
Pirates! Links (on Game Rankings)

Pirate themed sites
What's My Pirate Name? (tells you your pirate name)
The L.I.B. (weirdest group of Pirates you'll ever meet)
The F.I.S.T. (contender in the weirdest group competition mentioned above)
Pirates of the Bahamas (historical info)
Queen Anne's Revenge (info on Blackbeard's ship)
The Golden Age of Piracy (historical info)
Henry Morgan (info on Henry Morgan)
Pirate Women (on female pirates)
Swashbuckler's Cove (historical info)
The Pirates Hold (lots of pirate info)

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